While some founders launch a startup independently, in most cases, entrepreneurs work with a business partner or other team members. Who you choose to work with when launching a startup can make or break the business, as a bad partner can hinder progress. Here are some things to consider when selecting a business partner to work with in your next venture.


Someone You Work Well With

Make sure whoever you choose is someone you work well with. If your personalities clash and you’re constantly butting heads, it will be hard to unite around the business and get things done. Therefore, finding someone you enjoy working with and can collaborate with is crucial.


Someone Who Fills the Gaps

If your business partner has the same skills and expertise as you, the odds are high that some crucial things might fall through the cracks. It’s helpful to find someone with a complementary skillset who can fill in the gaps in your knowledge or skills. For example, if you’re a marketing expert but don’t know much about business finances, look for someone skilled in that area.


Someone Resilient

Running a startup comes with obstacles, setbacks, and challenges. Ensure your business partner is up to the task and won’t get frustrated and give up quickly. They must be resilient to keep fighting for the business even when things get tough.


Someone Who Shares Values and Vision

Finding someone who shares your values and vision for the business is also crucial. You need to unite around common goals to work together for the business’s good. Some differences are inevitable, but ensure the big picture aligns to avoid conflict.


Some Who Communicate Well

Finally, ensure your business partner communicates well. Conflicts arise, and speaking honestly about the startup’s status is critical to keep things running smoothly. A lousy communicator typically makes for a bad business partner, as they can leave people out of the loop.


Selecting a business partner for your startup is a big decision and not one to be taken lightly. Keep these crucial points in mind to ensure you find someone who will fight for your vision alongside you with minimal conflict.