Brett Markowitz


Health & Fitness Industry Entrepreneur

Brett Markowitz is an entrepreneur with over fifteen years of experience in the health and fitness industry. Based in Tampa, Florida, Brett has made it his personal goal to improve the lives of those around him. This devotion led Brett to found AgeRejuvenation, where he operates as the Chief Executive Officer.

AgeRejuvenation, with Brett Markowitz at the helm, was designed to provide a solid structure of weight loss, nutrition, anti-aging, and hormone balance solutions for all patients. Through these techniques, every patient who walks through the doors should find their life vastly improved. Among the many services AgeRejuvenation offers is a customized health program, meaning that every patient will find the precise level of care they require. As the CEO of AgeRejuvenation, Brett Markowitz is responsible for maintaining the company’s vision, establishing a business strategy, and cultivating a healthy culture within the organization. He is likewise responsible for overseeing operations, monitoring the competition, and handling financial statements. 


Brett Markowitz’s history is part of why he feels so passionate about helping others. As a child, Brett experienced the effects of Candida and childhood obesity. This is why he takes health and wellness so seriously now and makes every patient’s wellness journey his top priority. Brett may have made a promise to himself at a young age – but it’s something Brett never let go of. He pursued a degree in Nutrition from Huntington College of Health Science in Knoxville, TN. This enabled him to begin a professional quest to achieve his dreams. However, his educational journey didn’t end there. Brett Markowitz became a Certified Personal Trainer through the American Council on Exercise and the International Sports Science Association. Brett is AED and CPR certified to further ensure the best care for his patients.


At this point in his career, Brett Markowitz considers himself an expert in the industry. He credits at least part of his success to his passion for what he does. This passion has helped him find the motivation to stay as updated as possible within the industry, especially in the anti-aging world. Brett knows that the medical and anti-aging world is constantly changing and that understanding these improvements is a full-time job. There are many new and exciting ventures on the horizon for Brett Markowitz. In 2023 he and AgeRejuvenation intend to launch a telehealth platform alongside opening clinics in GA and NC. Visit to learn more about these goals and business ventures. 


Brett Markowitz has extensive experience in his chosen industry. Before founding AgeRejuvenation, he was with Tampa Rejuvenation, a regenerative health clinic. This taught him everything he needed to know about successful business ventures.

When Brett Markowitz isn’t busy improving the lives of those around him, he cherishes the time spent with his family. Luckily, Brett enjoys reading, which is another avenue for gaining new skills and knowledge. Mr. Markowitz also loves a good game of chess and can easily be tempted into playing during his downtime.


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